Quality Paulownia Timber and Wooden Surfboard materials in Sydney Australia!

Quality Paulownia Timber and Wooden Surfboard materials in Sydney Australia!

We currently have quite a large stock of high quality, kiln dried Paulownia timber that we use for making our hollow wooden surfboards. In fact, we are probably one of the largest stockists of Paulownia in Australia! 

Our Paulownia is plantation grown and is a hybrid between Paulownia Tormentosa and Paulownia Fortunei which provides high quality, timber with limited defects and beautiful grain. We manufacture our strips from single, thick planks of timber which means all strips will have a very similar grain and colour tone. But we can provide a mix on request.

Read more about Paulownia: https://sinesurf.com/blogs/news/paulownia 

Paulownia is widely regarded as the best material for producing wooden surfboards with a perfect combination of strength/hardness and density( or lack of it!). You can read more about Paulownia in a surfboard context in this blog:

Our Paulownia stock is mainly large sections, with 58x250x2200mm Rough Sawn/Skip Dressed being the largest size that we have. Large Paulownia sections like this are pretty rare in Australia and it provides good versatility for a variety of projects. 

Surfboard deck skins, chambered wooden boards, surf hand planes and Alaia boards are examples of great uses for this material. But it is also an ideal substitute for conventional timbers like Pine in many typical woodworking applications. It cuts and sands well and an oil finish really makes the grain and character pop!

We can offer any size partially or fully dressed up to 50x250x2200mm on request.

Lengths of 2000 and 2200mm are available(2000mm can be cut to <1800mm to reduce freight costs)

Keep an eye on this page: https://sinesurf.com/pages/paulownia for up to date information and rough pricing( subject to quantity order requirements and price change)

We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice. Contact us for more information at: alastair@sinesurf.com
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