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Wooden Longboard Fin Box

Wooden Longboard Fin Box

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This product is precision manufactured by both machine and hand processes from Spotted Gum, a native Australian timber which is very dense and durable.

They comes unfinished, it is up to you to oil it once it has been installed in your board. The reason for this is that the outside of the box as well as the top surfaces must be able to create a good bond with the epoxy resin during the installation and laminating process( such as putting masking tape on the top of the box during install)

We have had good results with a mixture of Citric Terpene and Tung Oil, but there are a wealth of different options available so don't be afraid to just use what you already have on hand. After a few surfs when the board is dry, reapplication of oil is a good idea.

This product can be installed either pre or post-lamination it is up to you.

Just like with a traditional plastic box in a PU or PS surfboard, the strength of the box once installed is reliant on the bond and strength of the surrounding material. This product is designed to be installed into a solid area of Paulownia timber or similar. It must have ample timber surrounding it on all sides, especially the bottom. This product is unfortunately not suitable to use in PU or PS boards unless it is installed into an area of Paulownia( a wide stringer might also be suitable, consult us if this is of interest)

The finbox itself is identical in dimension and function to the FCS longboard box, this is so it can be installed with existing router bits and jigs. For those without a standard jig, it is ideal for the finbox to have at least 1-2mm or resin around all the sides so it is necessary to make the finbox slot slightly larger than the finbox itself for this reason. Once you have routed the slot you can add some small shims between the edge of the slot and the timber finbox in order to keep it centered and straight during the install( just ensure that these shims will be fully hidden once its installed)


25mm(1") width, 265mm(~10.5") length and 27mm(1.05") install depth.

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