Noseriding a sustainably made hollow-wooden longboard surfboard

Wooden Surfboards vs Foam and Fibreglass: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing the right surfboard for you, there are many material options available. Maybe you're drawn to wooden surfboards because of the aesthetic or the sustainable characteristics, but how do wooden surfboards compare to foam and fibreglass surfboards?

In truth, wooden surfboards can be both good and bad just like how foam and fiberglass surfboards can be good and bad. What matters is how they are made, a well crafted wooden surfboard can be as well shaped and as light and flexible as any fiberglass surfboard.

Wooden vs foam and fibreglass comparison

When comparing wooden surfboards and fibreglass surfboards it's important to consider the characteristics below. If you've found a board that's lightweight, flexible, durable and has a great shape you're in the right place! Bonus points it it looks great and is environmentally friendly.

Characteristic Foam and fibreglass surfboards Wooden Surfboards
Weight Generally light (depends on glass job) Light or heavy (precise air chambers or a foam core can keep the surfboard light)
Shapes Depends on the shaper Depends on the shaper
Flex Generally flexible (depends on glass job) Flexible or stiff (depends on the construction, stiffer boards suit longer and flatter rocker surfboards)
Durability Generally not very durable (depends on glass job, boards get deck pressure dents and commonly snap) Generally very durable (no deck pressure dents and are very unlikely to snap)


Making a high-performing wooden surfboard is more difficult than making a high-performing fibreglass surfboard. For this reason there a fewer manufacturers of truly high-quality wooden surfboards and each brand usually has a unique approach to the craft. A few wooden surfboard makers to look out for are ourselves Sine Surf, Varuna Surf, Tonn Surfboards and Verdure Surfboards.

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    So which is Better?

    It depends on the type of surfing you're looking to do and what you want out of a surfboard.

    The stigma that wooden surfboards are heavy, stiff and badly shaped was brought about because until recently, only hobbyist shapers were making wooden surfboards. Recently brands like those listed above have been investing lots of time into research and development, unravelling this stigma and showcasing how a wooden surfboard can perform. The best wooden surfboards can tuck and hold in the steepest wave pockets or hang 10 in critical noseriding sections. On top of this wooden surfboards are unmatched in the sustainability and durability space where a well crafted wooden surfboard can last you decades.

    When looking for your next surfboard, also consider what kind of a surfer you are and what kind of manoeuvres you'll be doing. You can also ask a shaper if a board you've got your eye on is right for you. Our shaper Emile is always happy to answer surfing and surfboard related questions, whether you're looking to buy one of our surfboards or not.

    Happy surfing!

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