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Wooden Surfboard Vents

Wooden Surfboard Vents

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This product is intended to be a direct replacement for typical vented plugs. It is 1.25" or 32mm in diameter and is approx 3/4"/20mm in thickness.

Vents of this style are typically quite ugly, comprising a black plastic vent body with a black plastic threaded vent. These products affect the aesthetic of timber boards. 

Our product comprises a precision CNC machined spotted gum base that is glued into the board as well a metal M12 vent that is screwed into the vent base after lamination/board sealing.

We put a lot of thought into the best material for the vent, typically these vents are made from nylon plastic which has the ePTFE/Gore-Tex membrane in the middle of it. We wanted to forgo visible plastic in this product so we chose to pursue a metal vent. 

The vent is manufactured from Nickel-Plated Copper, the benefit of the nickel playing is that customers can choose whether they want a shiny chrome aesthetic or whether they want a more traditional marine brass/copper look. All it takes is some wet and dry sandpaper( 600 grit) and some elbow grease and you can easily make the vent have a very nice copper look which will age and patina overtime

Instructions for usage.

The installation of this product is similar to that of existing screw in vent plugs.

The outside of this product features a number of grooves which aid the gluing process, these mean that it is ok to use a low-viscosity epoxy resin for the installation process.

The vent base is sealed at the bottom which means that providing that the sticker is properly adhered and sealed during the installation process you don’t need to worry about resin etc going on the underside. Once the board is laminated you can simply drill a 4-5mm hole through the bottom of the vent 

Why are we offering this product consider we already sell a combined vent and leash plug?

We know that some wooden board builders simply want to keep making boards they way they have in the past and this product provides that. 

For boards which are going to be taken on aircraft very frequently etc. the big advantage of having a screw in vent is that you can remove the vent entirely; this provides full peace of mind that the board will vent as there is essentially just a 5mm hole straight into the board. 

This product also allows the vent to be removed to help drain any water that gets into the board.

We have found with some shapes that customers have been wanting us to produce, that when the tail of a board is very thin and narrow it is difficult for our vented leash plug to be able to connect with the hollow volume of the board, this means that the leash plug has to be brought forward in order to be able to connect with this. Especially with boards that traction pads will be added to, this isn’t a very good solution as the leash plug can start interfering with the traction pad. For situations like these having a separate leash plug and vent is helpful and provides more flexibility in the board design process and allows us to work with shapers who push the limits of board design. 


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