Paulownia Surfboard Timber and Deck Skins

We carry a large stock of high quality Paulownia which is ideal for surfboards.

Our Paulownia is plantation grown and is a hybrid between Paulownia Tormentosa and Paulownia Fortunei which provides high quality, timber with limited defects and beautiful grain. We manufacture our strips from single, thick planks of timber which means all strips will have a very similar grain and colour tone. But we can provide a mix on request.

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We can offer any size partially or fully dressed up to 50x250x2200mm on request.

Lengths of 2000 and 2200mm are available(2000mm can be cut to <1800mm to reduce freight costs)

Standard Sizes

4 x 250 - Dressed Faces  - $10 L/M ( Min order 16 L/M)

5 x 250 - Dressed Faces - $11 L/M (Min order 14 L/M)

6 x 250 - Dressed Faces - $12 L/M ( Min order 12 L/M)

23 x 250 - Dressed Faces - $30 L/M (Min order 4 L/M)

50 x 250 - Dressed Faces - $60 L/M  (Min order 2 L/M

55-60 x 250 - Rough Sawn - $50 L/M ( Min order 2 L/M)

23 x 250 x 330mm(DAR) - Surf Hand Plane Blank - $12

Discounted Sizes

We have a large quantity of discounted Paulownia available which has a few minor defects and features in each plank but still perfectly usable. 

50 x 250 x 2000mm - Rough Sawn - $70 per plank

Prices Ex-GST, bulk and wholesale pricing available.

Come collect it from our factory in Ingleside, NSW or we can organise delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Email: for more information