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Hollow-Wooden Surfboard Blanks

Hollow-Wooden Surfboard Blanks

Your shapes. Our construction.

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Price breakdown

Each shape takes between 5 - 8 hours to CNC machine.

The setup of a new shape's design and machining files takes between 2 - 4 hours of work.

Using these blanks can save you time and materials during lamination.

The blanks are customisable and sustainable. They make a surfboard that is premium, durable, lightweight and unique.

Shape constraints

We can make an shape that is:

  • Up to 10'6" long
  • Up to 23 1/2" wide
  • Up to 3 1/4" thick

Tail shapes, channels, concave decks and wings are also possible.

Shipping information

We offer free shipping in the greater Sydney area.

We also ship to other Australian states as well as internationally.

You can see our shipping prices in the link below and at checkout.

Surfboards that are in stock will be shipped within 5 business days. Surfboards that are not in stock will be put into production and shipped within 4 weeks.

Surfboards are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Sydney, Australia and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive.

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Our blanks service, aims to provide you with an easy, hassle free substitution for PU and EPS foam blanks. An opportunity to stand out with an environmentally friendly construction and wooden aesthetic at no cost to performance.

They are made with a CNC machine that can perfectly replicate any board shape.

If you prefer, we can also manage the lamination of your surfboard blanks.

All we need to get started is the surfboard shape’s dimensions or the digital surfboard shape file. If you don't have a digital file, download the 'Shape_Specifications.xlsx' document by clicking on the button below.

After ordering, just email us your digital file or completed 'Shape_Specifications.xlsx' document to and we'll get to work on your unique surfboard blank.


Benefits and Advantages

  • Sine blanks are made from 100% sustainably sourced plantation Paulownia wood.

  • We can reproduce any shape with less than 1mm error. Channels and fish tails are also possible.

  • They are supplied with pre-routed fin box holes, saving you from having to route them yourself! This can be FCS dual tab, FCS fusion, FCS 2, FCS longbox, Futures side, Futures rear, Futures strongbox and US fin systems with up to 5 fin positions.

  • They also have a pre-installed, Gore-Tex vented spotted gum leash plug, that allows the board to vent air from the hollow compartments when pressures and temperatures change.

  • All blanks have between 20-40 individually isolated chambers to prevent flooding. In the rare case of a puncture, only one compartment will flood, keeping your board buoyant and keeping you safe. This also makes the boards easy to repair.

  • Before sending your blank to you, we fill any knots or defects in the wood with an epoxy wood filler.

  • After receiving the blank, only 15 minutes of sanding is required before it's ready for colouring/lamination.

  • Sine blanks can be laminated with either epoxy or polyester resin.

  • Because of the strength of the wood, only half the amount of fiberglass and resin is required, saving you time and materials during lamination.

  • Laminated surfboards are the same weight as PU surfboards.

  • The boards are strong and durable, to this day we have never had a board snap.

  • If you're planning on selling your wooden shapes, have a look at our stock surfboard prices as an indication of the recommended minimum retail price.

Lamination Guide

The blanks can be sanded by hand, to speed up the sanding you can also use an orbital sander with a soft interface pad.

To ensure the best possible bond during lamination, we recommend sanding the blank to 240 grit and blowing any sawdust out of the wood pores with compressed air.

Sine blanks can be laminated with either epoxy or polyester resin. Conventional decals as well as spray and tint colouring can be used.

Because of the strength of the timber, only 1 layer of 4oz fiberglass on the deck and bottom is required for all board sizes.