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Wooden Vented Leash Plug - Post/No-Glass Type

Wooden Vented Leash Plug - Post/No-Glass Type

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This plug style is designed for boards which don't need the resin lip which on our standard vented leash plugs is intended to aid in glassing. It can be installed using standard epoxy resin rather than the thicker epoxy glue that is needed for our standard leash plugs. This products design was influenced by Jack from Verdure Surfboards who wanted a venting solution for his un-laminated boards.

This plug is designed to be a drop in replacement for standard plastic 32mm (1 1/4") OD plugs with a thickness of 15mm (5/8"). 

It features a lip to inhibit resin from going underneath the leash plug onto the vent when the fitment is tight - but a 1.5mm laser-cut plywood spacer is also included with each leash plug to prevent any resin going onto the vent membrane itself(this is optional so it does not come pre-attached).

The body of the leash plug features a number of ridges around it which provide keying with the resin and increase the gluing surface area. The 316 Stainless Steel pin also extends into the resin 1.5mm in either direction preventing movement and increasing strength.

They are precision machined from Spotted Gum, a strong, dense and hard timber found on the east coast of Australia. Our own surfboards use plugs made from this material and have undergone a large amount of testing with no failures occurring. 

It has a durable Gore-Tex/Teflon based vent which is adhered to the underside of the leash plug with a 10mm diameter hole to provide ample membrane area for rapid venting. Air can easily flow out of the surfboard if it heats up in the sun, but doesn't allow water in.

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