Materials and Construction

Built to Perform

We're not interested in making wall hangers.

Each board model has been tested, reworked and improved multiple times for the perfect surfboard shape, weight and flex.

You can trust these surfboards to handle whatever they're designed for. Whether that's tucking and holding in a tight pocket, flying down the line or hanging 10 in a critical section. We've got you.

Sustainable hollow wooden fish paulownia surfboard blank

Designed for Decades

When you're surfing, the fiberglass does not press inward so there will be no pressure dents and the board will keep it's 'new board feeling'.

They are made with 10 thin stringers and solid wood rails for strength. To this day we have never had a surfboard snap.

The fin boxes are set into solid blocks of wood so they will never delaminate from the fiberglass.

They are also ding resistant, easy to repair and the wood is naturally water resistant.

Environmentally friendly midlength hollow wooden surfboard with wooden leash plug

A venting core, for peace of mind

Because our surfboards are hollow, the air inside can expand and contract depending on the temperature and pressure.

We have designed a wooden, venting leash plug. The vent, placed at the base of the leash pug allows the board to breathe but doesn't let any water in.

This way, you don't have to worry if the surfboard is left in the sun or a hot car, or whether it's going on an aeroplane.

Environmentally friendly hollow wooden midlength surfboard with compartmentalised chambers

Flood-proof for safety

If you hit a rock or a fin out there, it's possible that water will get inside the board.

For safety reasons, each surfboard is built with isolated chambers, so if water gets in, only a small portion will flood and the surfboard will remain buoyant.

So no need to worry, If you're out in big surf, you will still have a flotation device.

Alastair making a sustainable paulownia hollow wooden surfboard

Manufacturing Efficiency

This is unrelated to the performance of the surfboards but is the backbone behind Sine Surf.

Alastair and I have worked hard over 3 years to develop an efficient and completely new manufacturing method using CAD, CAM and CNC based tools.

This allows us to make our unique product affordable, so that a more environmentally friendly surfing experience is more attainable.