New heights

We have a strong focus on innovation. Since the beginning we've explored a vast range of susainable materials and surfboard making techniques.

In the end it was a combination of new ideas and existing methods that make our surfboards today. Our surboards are designed to last generations and are as lightweight and well shaped as conventional fiberglass surfboards.

Flood-proof for safety

Unlike other hollow wooden surfboards, our boards are unique as they have fluid isolated chambers.

For safety and durability reasons, if water enters the surfboard after an unlikely puncture, the surfboard will remain buoyant. So no need to worry, If you're out in big surf, you will still have a flotation device.

This does not effect the venting of the core as each chamber is interconnected by a network of gore tex vents.

Declan Wyton surfing a Sine Surf hollow wooden-surfboard Big Z model.

A venting core

Because our surfboards are hollow, the air inside is subject to expansion and contraction at different temperatures and pressures.

We have designed a wooden Gore-Tex venting leash plug that allows the board to breathe.