Hollow-wooden surfboard blanks

Get your shape made out into a hollow-wooden Paulownia blank and have the freedom to colour and laminate your way.

Blanks can be laminated with polyester or epoxy resin and are designed to have 4oz glass on the deck and bottom. We recommend sanding your blank to 240 grit sandpaper and efficiently blowing off any dust to ensure a strong bond between the resin and the wood.

You're welcome to pick any tail shape or channel configuration at no extra cost. Shapes are manufactured to within 1mm accuracy.

You can email Emile your dimensions or a .brd shape file and we can get to work making your unique wooden surfboard blank.

Bulk ($75/ft) One off ($85/ft)
New setup fee
4-6' $450 $510 $100
6'-7' $525 $595 $100
7'-8' $600 $680 $100
8'-9' $675 $765 $100
9'-10' $750 $850 $100
10'-10'4" $825 $935 $100